Feb 13 / Paul

Ozanimate meets Maik Hempel

Ozanimate recently caught up with Director and Animator, Maik Hempel to have a chat about his epic journey as he went through the trials and tribulations of producing a series of 7 episodes for his show, Mollusks . If you haven’t  followed the stories on Maik getting Mollusks off the ground then you might want to check out our previous coverage here, here and here.

Conducting the Interview is Ozanimate’s very own, Benjamin Drake. Ben was involved with the early concept stages and even flew back to Melbourne when he was asked to provide his voice talent for a few characters of the show.

Big thanks goes to Xue Sen Wong for shooting the interview and to David Williams for recording and mixing the sound.


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  1. sparky / Feb 17 2012

    love that red couch!! cheeky 😉

  2. Emily / Mar 26 2012

    Haha I love that pizza place… and I love your this interview fades out with this conversation. You seriously can’t beat $4 wood fired pizzas.

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