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Completely clueless when it comes to how much you should get paid as a professional in the Animation industry in Australia/New-Zealand or just plain curious about what your peers are charging? Guess what, you’re not alone! This is probably the number one issue plaguing our industry regardless of your level or experience.

This dreaded and awkward $$$ discussion with your clients, boss or even yourself is a topic we decided to tackle head-on here at Ozanimate and is one of the main reasons why we launched the Ozanimate Industry Survey last November.

One of the goals of the Survey was to anonymously collect as much data as possible regarding salaries, hourly and daily rates so that as an industry we become more informed as to what we are collectively charging right now. By presenting this data as clearly as possible and making it easily accessible, we are hoping that this effort for transparency will help our industry be more confident when it comes to that money talk and generate positive discussions amongst our various circles so that we can all thrive moving forward in our careers.

We hope that students and young graduates especially come across this information and get an idea of what salaries, as Juniors, they should be expecting straight out of school or should they go Freelance, what their hourly/daily rate should be? This information can give newcomers to the industry a base to start from, a minimum rate with hope to reduce undercutting that hurts the whole industry. Finally, we also hope that potential clients will find this information useful and become more educated as to what are some of the common practices when it comes to the pricing of Animation services.

It is very important for us to stress that the figures collected have been averaged out and therefore the below document should only be used as a general reference and not as a definitive source for quoting projects or negotiating salaries. Or as the proverbial saying goes: “Please take this with a (big) grain of salt!”

Download the 2017 Ozanimate Industry Rates PDF

Many factors come into play when it comes to quoting for projects and managing your income and we made this resource to help get rid of confusion, so let us know in the comments below if you are finding this document helpful and how we can make it better.

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