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If you were one of the lucky ones to hear Buck present their work during Node Fest then you would know that they love making lists, so here’s our Top 7 reasons why we really dig their recent TVC work for Holden via AJF Melbourne:

  1. 17 Animated scenes in 30 secs!
  2. Mixed media (CG, Live Action, Stopmo, Cel…)
  3. Beautiful Colour Palette
  4. Slick Sound Design
  5. Tight Editing 
  6. Collaboration with Tim Clapham
  7. That ‘Buck’ signature design aesthetic



Creative Director: Gareth O’Brien
Art Direction: Josh Edwards
Executive Producer: Erica Ford
Producer: Jordan Howes
Design: Josh Edwards, Luke Saunders, Chris Anderson, Robin Davey ,Stephen Kelleher, Pete McDonald
2D Animation: Josh Edwards, Salvatore Scopelliti, Mathijs Luijten, William Pietsch, Chris Anderson, Robin Davey
Lead Modeler: Elijah Akouri
Modelling: Josh Edwards, Tim Clapham, Nicole Padilha, Akhil Mittal
Look Development: Elijah Akouri, Michael Lampe, Josh Edwards, Tim Clapham, Nicole Padilha
Rigging: Alex Mann
3D Animation: Alex Karonis, Tim Clapham, Ben Hubbard
Lighting: Michael Lampe
Compositing: Michael Lampe, Elijah Akouri


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