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This video directed by Phillip Noyce  has been a hot topic amongst colleagues this week.  The six minute film was designed help sell australia’s FIFA World Cup bid for 2022. The animation is done very well but I had a lot of trouble sitting through the entire spot. A lot of Australiana cringes.

Unfortunately it seems like a case of art by committee. Perhaps you have an opinion on it?

hillip NoycePP
  • Ben

    What it should’ve been was Dicky Knee from Hey Hey It’s Saturday green-screened over drive-by footage of the Big Pineapple, with John Howard at the end explaining why he should be president of the International Cricket Council, as the camera irises in on his winking eye.

  • Simon

    It was definitely a good example of design by committee. I can imagine the initial meetings “we like your idea Phillip… but can we put Kathy Freeman in it somehow?… Oh and crocodile Dundee!!!?”

    I doubt the FIFA committee would have spotted half the cameo appearances.

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