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Since its March premier at the Adelaide International Film Festival , “Nullarbor” has been going from strength to strength, screening in festivals across the globe. The short was the only Australian short in competition at Annecy this year, and has won awards such as the Yoram Gross Animation prize for Best Short Animation in the Dendy Awards at the Sydney Film Festival.

Being 11 minutes of finessed character animation and high quality 3D rendering, the project was nothing short of ambitious. The demanding production quality was cleverly balanced by a peared back narrative and strong story telling. Taking about 5 years from start of production to finalisation, the attention to detail is stunning.
The crew behind Nullarbor were generous enough to sit down with me and chat about the production process, the trails and tribulations of running studio and plans for future projects.

Alistair Lockhart, who directed the film with Pat wasnt in town for the interview, but deserves a special mention. A thanks to Danger Beach for his music, and to Ryan Kirby who helped me shoot the interview.
For a full list of screenings check out the film’s website, or follow it on facebook.


  • Great interview! Do you guys [Lampshade Collective] do 2D animations as well?

  • Hi Siosism, some of us work with 2D &/or other media in our day-to-day jobs but as ‘The Lampshade Collective’ we tend to only work in 3D. Cheers, Kat

  • pedant

    “…peared back narrative…”

    was there a lot of fruit involved?

    Or do you mean “pared back”?

  • Thanks for the spot Pendant. I hope you enjoyed the interview.

  • Pete

    This is a really great interview, thanks for putting this together.

    I really relate to the commercial work vs personal work thing, I find myself struggling to find time for personal projects.

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