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What happens when you mix electric skateboards, smoke machines and expensive robots?

Breeder teamed up once again with Motion-Control experts Tasty Pictures to deliver this slick brand piece for Evolve, an Australian electric skateboard company.

To show off Evolve’s brand new board (the Bamboo GTX), Chris Morris from Breeder who co-directed with Brendan Isaac, unleashed the Tasty Pictures specialist high-speed motion control robot together with clever compositing/editing to create this launch video that heroes the new board and its evolution.


Tasty’s DP & Robot operator flew their Dragon around the new board while an array of Arri LED Skypanels strobed the set.

Co-director, Chris Morris explains some of the technical details and challenges behind the scenes:

“The idea was to leverage the mocos repeatability to shoot matching plates of the old and new board. To speed things up on the day, each take was about 30-60 seconds long and comprised between 6 and 10 different shots.

We aligned the skateboards using OBS (Open Broadcast Software) an open source video switching program. Apart from a few FX at the start the majority of the post work was actually cleanup. We didn’t have enough black on the shoot for a huge black void, so most shots required roto. Some shots were actually a blend of multiple passes with different lighting.. similar to a 3D multipass workflow, we could just opt to drop in a rim light for a moment and dial down the fill pass.”


Directors: Brendan Isaac & Chris Morris
DOP & Robot Operator: Brendan Isaac (@brendanisaac)
Grip: Steve Isaac
Edit & Colour: Dan Rice
Compositor: Chris Morris
Producer: Candace Marshall
Production Company: Tasty Pictures
Agency: Changer Studio
Sound: Alabaster

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