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Ozanimate meets Dennis Tupicoff

Melbourne based Director/Animator, Dennis Tupicoff who had his latest film A Photo of Me (2017) in the running for Best “Off-Limits” Short Film at Annecy, took some time out of his busy festival week to chat with us about his recent film, the challenges of self-funding independent Animation and the perilous state of the Australian short film, following recent cuts of government funding.

After graduating from Queensland University, Dennis Tupicoff worked as an archivist and teacher before making his first film in 1976. He has made many award-winning auteur films, which have been fictional and documentary, animated and live-action, comedy and drama – and often inventive combinations. Past films include “Dance of Death” (1983), “His Mother’s Voice” (1998), “Into the Dark” (2001) and “Chainsaw” (2007).

Dennis has also been a full-time lecturer at the VCA School of Film and Television in Melbourne, and has taught and conducted workshops in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

During our chat, Dennis raised some important points concerning the fact that a sustainable career as an Independent Short filmmaker has become extremely difficult in Australia, in hope that by raising this flag this will encourage others to speak up or at the least raise some awareness of the issue and get a healthy conversation going on the matter.

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