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Inspired by Scott Mccloud’s 24 hour comic, animator James Lee and his wife Hania (Composer) recently set out to make 24 animations within a 24 hour period!

Members of Newgrounds, deviantart and the web helped bring the final 4 minutes piece together, by providing ideas while James was broadcasting the whole thing live.

The result is a series of experiments and fun little shorts married together with some great music & sound composed by Hania.

Everything was animated in Flash, using some textures which were edited in Photoshop, here’s an excerpt from Jame’s Blog, describing the process:

It was very physically exhausting. I hit a wall very early on in the project and was finding it really difficult to keep up the pace. The clock was chasing us from the moment we started and didn’t stop until the final animation. I think I had about 45 minutes worth of break time for the entire day.

We learnt a heap over this weekend, and while each segment is a bit rough around the edges, we’re really pleased with how it all turned out. We thought that by the end everything would have turned to garbage, but it was surprising to see that the quality actually improved much later.

The interesting thing about working under these conditions is that it’s so easy to just follow any creative whim. You’re actually kind of forced to. You have so little time to actually stop and think, and you look back afterwards kind of surprised how you never thought such a seemingly stupid idea would actually work.

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