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Kim Lund is a recent graduate of the UTS Visual Communications degree. Fight or Flight is her graduation project.

Ozanimate spoke to Kim about the project and her work – and she offers some tips for animation students as well.

Ozanimate: How did Fight or Flight come about?

Kim Lund: In my last semester of uni, we were required to make a Major Project. For the last two years I’d tailored my projects to be more motion related but had never made the jump to hand drawn animation – what I’d been craving to do since before I started uni. So I decided to use this as an opportunity to learn.

Oz: Where did you learn your hand-drawn animation skills?

KL: When it comes to frame by frame animation I am entirely self taught. The Richard Williams book The Animators Survival Kit was a must.

Oz: How long did it take?

KL: We had 14 weeks to complete our projects. I had originally intended to make the film two minutes long, but about four weeks shy of the end date I realised I wasn’t going to make it – not to the degree that I wanted it to be anyway.

Oz: What drew you to the subject matter?

KL: I chose to make an animation about animals as I’ve spent countless hours at zoos and watching documentaries – sketching all the while. I figured, all this study – I’m halfway there already!

Oz: What software did you use?

KL: The animals were animated in Photoshop. The keyline and base colour were made in Photoshop before moving to After Effects where the lighting and colour adjustments were done. All the backgrounds were comped in After Effects and the machine was animated using DUIK.

Oz: Any tips for other animation students?

KL: Taking the time to collect mountains of reference footage, photographs and books really paid off. Also, know when to pick your battles – I maintained a single minded determination to get my frame by frame animation to this standard from the beginning and never let that go, however this did mean sacrificing a large chunk of the “bigger picture”.

Oz: Any future plans for this animation?

KL: I will complete the remainder of the three animals, with the aim of finishing it by the end of 2013.

If you want to see more, check out Kim Lund’s portfolio.

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