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 Xin Li‘s work cannot easily be described by words but should rather be watched and experienced. Having just got back from a trip to Russia where he attented the 4th VGIK International Summer School where he was mentored by animators such as Aleksandr Petrov, Stanislav Sokolov and Garri Bardin and also having just finished yet another amazing film, A tale of longing for his Honours studies at the QCA, this seemed like the perfect time for an interview with Xin to give our readers/viewers some insight into his world and his amazing paint on glass technique.

In this video, Xin talks about his overseas experience as well as his film Birth of the City which was created as part of this summer school.  Birth of the City was awarded the Best Animation Award by an expert Jury selected from the State Institute of Cinematography. You can also see some shots of his more recent film A tale of longing which he just completed last week. Keep watching Xin Li closely as I heard through the grapevine of a new film in the works.

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