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Dave Carter’s new film “How to Lose weight in 60 seconds” made a splash in the blogopond when it was released earlier this month. I was keen to know more about how the film came together so I caught up with mr Carter recently. He offered me this insight-

‘I did a short at uni called ‘3 ways to separate Siamese twins’ which was pure Bill Plympton. I wanted to revisit the same gag formula but also steer clear of heavy comparisons to ’25 ways to quit smoking’, hence using the parameter of time instead of an actual list. Usually I work with paper cutouts, but modeling clay was a better media for a ‘weighty’ subject, where you have tangible mass and volume. As the film progresses there’s almost realtime weight loss going on, as the clay dissipates scene to scene. With short sequences linking together, it was the perfect film to get my feet wet in clay animation. I figured out some things in the process, like, that it takes 14 hours to melt clay with a hairdryer, capturing it all frame by frame so I could edit it for comic effect rather than show clay melting in realtime’

Dave has just released a new animated piece that is a little too…NSFW, to promote save sex. You can see it here on his Youtube channel.

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