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Oh Yeah Wow continue their run of world beating music videos with their latest for Gotye’s Easy Way Out.

Its absolutely stunning work from the crew in Melbourne who have obviously poured much blood sweat and tears into the project. Oh Yeah Wow director Darcy Prendergast offers an insight into the incredible effort that went into the 9 month production-

Its been 9 months since we began production on Easy Way Out- the longest we’ve ever spent on a project. We’re big fans of Wal’s stuff- and after producing the stop motion animation for his ‘Eyes Wide Open’ clip, we were pretty keen to work together again. Despite the set (a 5 room house which we built from the ground up) taking up the entire Oh Yeah Wowstudio space for three quarters of a year, we wanted to make sure this was the best thing we could possibly produce and not cut corners by rushing. We did it the hard way and with an artist like Gotye, we always knew we’d have a large audience, so for us it was important to throw everything we had at it.  We completely disregarded ‘good business sense’ and created a piece of art that would hopefully leave the viewer’s cerebral cortex sliding down the computer screen.

From a visual perspective, we wanted to bombard our audience with magic. Im a huge believer of in camera trickery and have always been an avid fan of stop motion but those skills fused with our resident Vis FX wizard, Andrew Goldsmith and before long we were creating some pretty astonishing but deliberately understated animation. I never wanted the animated elements to be front and center and would often only begin them when they were almost off screen as if say ‘ Yeah, its cool… but you know, whatever’. So many of the elements in the clip, you take for granted- or simply dont see on first watch. But when you see cockroaches crawling, and the frame burning to white at the end of the clip- you start to comprehend the sheer amount of work thats gone into it and wonder how the hell these things were actually accomplished. There were so many times where we were literally working on the individual elements for 24 hours straight, surviving purely on the belief of the end goal. The set alone, was a small house. We had lunch in it, we had naps on the bed and our actual studio fridge was painted grey put in place. We had to build the various rooms. We furnish them according to colour palette. We found the toilet in the branches of a friends tree. We completely tile the bathroom ourselves without knowing how. We bought over 10,000 sheets of paper for the office. And after all of that, we burnt it all with a flamethrower for the final camera pass.

It was a huge labour of love from the entire crew here at Oh Yeah Wow. Social lives, partners and health all took a backseat but after the 9 months we’re hugely proud parents. 5 fingers and 4, 5…6 toes. Oh.
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