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Bummed you missed out on tickets to the Gotye: An Animated Album Preview Concert? Bummed you couldn’t even make it to Sydney for the GRAPHIC Festival if you wanted, because you already blew budget on the bi-annual Tamilworth Wine & Cheese Orgy? Well, despite your tardiness and fiscal irresponsibility, there’s good news. Multi-instrumentalist Wally de Backer, better known as Gotye, has already made two of the head-line music clips to be screened at the Opera House tomorrow available for viewing online. Greg Sharp and Ivan Dixon of Rubber House present State of the Art, the genuine home entertainment revelation of a 1950s nuclear family who’ve purchased more than they bargained for in a model D575 Cotillion. Mechanical Apple’s Ari Gibson and background artist Jason Pamment team up once again to present Bronte, a nostalgic tale of a young girl’s adventures with a pack of wild beasts and her journey from the woods of childhood into adolescence.

In both cases it’s fun to pick where particular influences have been borrowed but have become something new and homegrown. It’s talents like these guys who’ve digested the work of established geniuses and further define the features of Australia’s emerging animation identity internationally … *nasal inhalation* makes a guy excited for the future – and there are still more clips to be revealed! The entire album Making Mirrors is up on Gotye’s Soundcloud site so now you can enjoy everything you’ll miss out on tomorrow at GRAPHIC virtually, from the comfort of your office chair or ergonomic kneeling stool. After you’ve listened to the album, make sure to give your imagination something to chew on with the fascinating Making of Making Mirrors. If you didn’t love the guy before, you probably will after.

If there are any Ozanimateurs out there who actually made it to the concert, make sure to let us know how it went down!

  • Mattchew

    Fantastic visual treats & musical beats!

    Amazing that in each case the animation/art was handled by just two.

    A larger collaboration between all four is clearly in order some time in the future.

    Thanks for posting Ben & Oz

  • went to gotye both nights. animations were stunning. they added heaps to the amazing music. gotye also made it a point to credit each animation with shout outs.

    Rubberhouse’s State of the Art was very well received by the crowd. Mechanical Apple’s Bronte was as subtle and beautiful as the song itself. Congratulations and high fives to all involved for such great work.

  • Ben

    Yoou lucky baaastard :O Cheers for that Okayboss!! Shoutouts – he’s the animator’s musician. Also, stick around Mattchew, Ozanimate’s Alex was there and scored some interviews 🙂

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