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If you can cast your mind a year back you may recall Ozanimate posted a plea by comedian Bob Franklin on behalf of animator Maik Hempel, who was then looking to win funding from the Movie Extra Webfest for a potential series of webisodes – Mollusks. Hempel didn’t win that competition – end of article. Or is it?

No, as a recent trailer definitively proves. Although not an official winner, the producers behind the Movie Extra Webfest wisely decided to grant Hempel a budget regardless, allowing him to complete seven one-minute episodes of Mollusks. With the first episode coming online December 15th, the series already boasts a cast of voice-actors including no less than Shaun Micallef, Dave Callan, Roz Hammond, Adrian Calear and Bob Franklin.

Achtung: If strong language offends, hold on to something.

Want more mollusk action to tide you over until the 15th? Well, Mollusks has a Facebook page with a series of photos documenting the different stages of production, from scriptwriting in a Hong Kong apartment to recording voices in a wardrobe. Until then, make sure to subscribe to Mollusks on the Movie Network Channel.

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