May 31 / Paul Paul

The Grave of Saint Oran

Some of you might remember our story a few years ago on a wonderful stop-motion music video, I Have Your Heart, by Melbourne based Director, Jim Batt.

Well Jim is now back on set and behind the camera with an upcoming stop motion animation ‘The Grave of Saint Oran’ which is based on Neil Gaiman’s poem ‘In Relig Odhrain’.

“This is a true story. Well, as true as any story about a sixth-century Irish saint can be. The churchyard is there, on Iona. You can even visit it.” - Neil Gaiman, Trigger Warning


Having smashed their original funding goal of $45,000 on Kickstarter. The crew is now hard at work meticulously hand animating frame by frame the paper cutouts beautifully illustrated by artist Ellen Barkin Söderholm.
Follow their progress by following them on Instagram or by visiting the film’s Website.

May 19 / Alex

Choice Cuts from the Aus Indie Scene

We at Ozanimate may have taken a breather for the last month or so but the independent animation scene in Australia never rests. Here are a few choice offerings that we’ve loved over the last little while.

Tall Bed, Directed by Aggelos Papantoniou who teamed up with old RMIT classmate Nikhil Markale to make this fun little number.

Client Liaison, Directed by Aaron McDonald and Mike Greaney. Full Credits -here-

Hound, Georgia Kriss‘ RMIT Graduate Film just hit the web. She has some killer work for Loopdeloop out now too!

Tiny Man, Directed by Dirty Puppet for Pause Fest.

May 8 / Paul Paul

Adobe Make It Titles

Sydney based ( 3D Artist) Tim Clapham and (Motion Designer) Mike Tosetto were recently commissioned by Adobe to create the main titles for their creative conference : Make It, which took place in Sydney this last May 5, 2016.
Tim and Mike rebuilt all of the pre-existing elements in 3D using Cinema 4D, then Adobe After Effects was used for all compositing, along with the typography treatment for the animated speaker names. You can check out more of their process with their super detailed case study found on Behance.

Mar 31 / Alex

Frog Lovin by Nikhil Markale

Frog Lovin is Nikhil Markale‘s excellent graduate film about love, lust and excellent head wear. Markale is definitely an animator to keep an eye on.

Feb 26 / Paul Paul

Bottersnikes and Gumbles Titles

Bottersnikes and Gumbles is a new 52 part animated series developed at Mighty Nice in collaboration with Cheeky Little Media, for BBC, Netflix and Channel 7. In need of an awesome title sequence to set the mood and tone for the show they turned to their in house animation Maestro, Alex Grigg to direct.

Bottersnikes Titles pic2_600

Alex who is also one of our top curators here on the site (*Shameless promotion here, Sorry!) has a childhood history with the IP and together with a talented team of artists and producers delivered this special intro. Giving nod to Desmond Digby, the illustrator of the ‘Bottersnikes and Gumbles’ books, the stylized storytelling and look of the 2D titles complements the 3D episodes as well as standing on its own.


Feb 15 / Paul Paul

Super Work for Super Food

Directed by Lucinda Schreiber from Photoplay Films, this colourful tactile Ad for Blackmore’s Superfood is beautifully animated AND makes you want to eat your greens !

Client: Blackmores
Agency: The Monkeys
Production Company: Photoplay Films
Director: Lucinda Schreiber
Photoplay Producer: Emma Thompson
Post Production: Resolution
Resolution Head of Design: Dylan McIntyre

Feb 4 / Alex

Black BIird VFX for Uncle Toby’s

Some beautiful Animation/Live action work here from Surry Hills studio, Black Bird. Directed by Lachlan Dickie

Jan 24 / Paul Paul

Two Pozible Short films see their online release

Kicking off the new year with two powerful Australian animated and produced short films, Nowhere Lines : voices from Manus Island (Directed and Produced by Lukas Schrank) and Woody (Directed by Stuart Bowen)After touring the festival circuits with plenty of accolades and acclaim the two shorts have now been released online by their creators.

The two films also share a similar fate with their crowdfunding success on Pozible. Here’s hoping for more years where more and more original films, stories and voices can emerge thanks to state and online support !