Aug 11 / Phil

Reg Mombassa music video by UTS students

Legendary Aussie artist and musician Reg Mombassa has teamed up with UTS animation students to produce a new music video.

The song is With Good Reason from Mombassa’s band Dog Trumpet.

Ozanimate spoke with director Bailey Sharp about working with Mombassa and the process of making the film clip.

Ozanimate: What was it like working with an icon like Reg Mombassa?

Bailey Sharp: Reg was really easy to work with. He turned over his entire visual catalogue for us to draw from but then was very respectful of what we wanted to do, which was very empowering

Oz: The film (like Mobassa’s work) is heavy in metaphor and symbolism – did a lot of that come from Reg or your team, or both?

BS: Reg gave us two points of reference to work from: Some of his charcoal works showing landscapes choked by industrial junk and his character Business Horse, a rotting horse carcass in a business suit. So we were starting off with these images that are already loaded with political commentary so that definitely did steer us in the direction we went in.

Oz: How would you describe the creative input UTS had on the project?

BS: We were given really freedom to go where we wanted so the team had the bulk of the creative input on the project. The whole idea of Business Horse as this proselytizer of industry who is preying on these animals came from us at UTS.

Oz: Did you get to see the film in front of a live audience? What was their reaction?

BS: Reg organised a great launch for the video at the Deus Café in Camperdown. We watched the video and then Dog Trumpet played two sets and then played live to the animation. It was fun. The reaction went as well as I could have hoped; the laughs came in the right places.

Oz: What techniques did you use?

BS: In the end we decided to re-draw Reg’s characters, with the exception of Business Horse who we took from an existing painting. We made all the other characters in pieces so we could take the individual parts into after effects and animate them with puppet pins. It was important to me to keep it looking like it could have all been done under the camera, we tried to keep any digital stretching or manipulation of the images to a minimum.

The characters were drawn in charcoal. The art director on the project, Haein Kim, did all of the background elements herself- I think she really lived up to what was a very scary task: Trying to mimic an iconic artist’s work, for the artist himself.

Oz: Is there anyone you’d like to thank as part of the process?

BS: The project was the work of a whole team so every one of them deserves thanks. Also lots of credit goes to our lecturers: Deborah Szapiro who organized and managed the project and Damian Gascoigne who heads the Bachelor of Design in Animation course at UTS.

And finally to Reg himself. It was a really great project to be on and we all got some amazing Mombassa prints in the end.

Jul 21 / Alex

Gobelins Masterclass at Griffith Film School

Brisbane’s Griffith Film School is hosting two very exciting events next week. On Saturday July 26 the school will present- Animation Forum: Pedagoies and Practice, and from Monday 28th through to Friday the 1st they will present a Gobelins Animation Masterclass.

Gobelins Masterclass

Speakers for the forum include-
Adam Elliot: Academy Award™ winning animator with Harvie Krumpet and with an Annecy Cristal for Mary and Max, is a unique and inspiring corporate speaker, his five animated films have won over 100 awards and have participated in over 600 film festivals.

Florent De La Taille: Animation director at Studio 100 Animation and animation mentor with Gobelins, l’école de l’image, his work on major feature films includes Golden Compass, The Tale of Despereaux and The Legend of the Guardians.

Register online @

Donna Hamilton
(07) 3735 0107

Jul 7 / Alex

Diner Danger by Tom Hunter

Tom Hunter finally got around to finishing his RMIT Grad film- Diner Danger! Here it is, freshly uploaded to Vimeo and bearing a shiny “Staff Pick” badge.

Diner Danger from Tom Hunter on Vimeo.

We’re looking forward to seeing what Hunter and Modest Dog are up to next.

Jul 6 / Paul Paul

OYW for Gillette

Oh Yeah Wow‘s directors Darcy Prendergast and Sam Lewis flew to Belgium to direct this now viral stop-motion video for Gillette’s new razor. Using some clever transitions via some stop motion animation of hair and human pixelation the video shows the evolution of male hair in all its forms over a period of 100 years . Since its release on YouTube on June 24 the video has since been viewed almost 7.9 million times.

Along with its release Gillette also uploaded a making of video to show the process of the two Melbourne Animators working with local talent. Clever marketing !

May 6 / Alex

Motorbike by Mechanical Apple

Motorbike from mechanical apple on Vimeo.

Adelaide filmmakers Ari Gibson and Jason Pamment team up again to bring you this sweet little project- Motorbike.
A couple of years ago Ozanimate sat down with the pair to talk about their process and thoughts on the medium. You can watch the interview here- LINK

May 1 / Phil

Crawl gets the greenlight on Steam

Melbourne indie games studio Powerhoof has just released the trailer for their new game Crawl.

It’s a dungeon crawler with a difference: your friends get to play the monsters and if they kill you, they take your place as the adventurer. But only one hero can emerge.

The 8-bit look brings to mind old coin-operated arcade games, but even with the aesthetic limitations, designer David Lloyd and animator Barney Cumming have come up with some impressive animation and effects.

The pair returned from the Games Developer Conference in San Francisco to find that Crawl was greenlit on Steam in less than 24 hours.

If you want to learn more about the project, you can visit the Powerhoof website.

Apr 10 / Paul Paul

Mighty Nice for Universities Australia

Another fantastic piece by Mighty Nice to support the future of Australian Universities. Beautiful mix of watercolours and subtle character animation that will surely please all of your  senses. (Well, Perhaps not the smell sense but it’s so good you could almost touch it).

Director: Darren Price
Producer: Fi Patterson
Designer: Pete Yong
Animation Director: Alex Grigg
Animator: Mike Singca
Animator: Ben Ommundson
Animator: Aaron McDonald
Compositor: Denis Bouyer
Artworker: Ling Sui

Apr 1 / Alex

The Magnificent Itch for Cancer Austalia

The Magnificent Itch offer us some nice story telling and some significant issues with their latest pieces for the Cancer Australia.

Ovarian Cancer Short Film from The Magnificent Itch on Vimeo.

Cancer Australia – Patient Involvement from The Magnificent Itch on Vimeo.