May 1 / Phil

Crawl gets the greenlight on Steam

Melbourne indie games studio Powerhoof has just released the trailer for their new game Crawl.

It’s a dungeon crawler with a difference: your friends get to play the monsters and if they kill you, they take your place as the adventurer. But only one hero can emerge.

The 8-bit look brings to mind old coin-operated arcade games, but even with the aesthetic limitations, designer David Lloyd and animator Barney Cumming have come up with some impressive animation and effects.

The pair returned from the Games Developer Conference in San Francisco to find that Crawl was greenlit on Steam in less than 24 hours.

If you want to learn more about the project, you can visit the Powerhoof website.

Apr 10 / Paul Paul

Mighty Nice for Universities Australia

Another fantastic piece by Mighty Nice to support the future of Australian Universities. Beautiful mix of watercolours and subtle character animation that will surely please all of your  senses. (Well, Perhaps not the smell sense but it’s so good you could almost touch it).

Director: Darren Price
Producer: Fi Patterson
Designer: Pete Yong
Animation Director: Alex Grigg
Animator: Mike Singca
Animator: Ben Ommundson
Animator: Aaron McDonald
Compositor: Denis Bouyer
Artworker: Ling Sui

Apr 1 / Alex

The Magnificent Itch for Cancer Austalia

The Magnificent Itch offer us some nice story telling and some significant issues with their latest pieces for the Cancer Australia.

Ovarian Cancer Short Film from The Magnificent Itch on Vimeo.

Cancer Australia – Patient Involvement from The Magnificent Itch on Vimeo.

Mar 11 / Alex

Elliot the Bull- Colour Blind By Samuel Lewis

Elliot The Bull – Colourblind from Oh Yeah Wow on Vimeo.

Oh Yeah Wow deliver another cracking stop motion music video, this time for Elliot the Bull. The clip is the directorial debut for Sam Lewis, a QCA graduate based in Melbourne.

Mar 4 / Alex

True Detective Titles by Patrick Clair

HBO’s True Detective – Main Title Sequence from Patrick Clair on Vimeo.

Patrick Claire and his Sydney based studio Antibody really been putting in a stellar effort with their title sequences lately. This latest number for HBO’s True Detective is an incredible example of beautiful art direction and abstract story telling. Check out more of their huge list of world class titles here on there website.

Jan 22 / Paul Paul


XYZ director Stephen Watkins has recently wrapped production on this incredibly charming spot for Bank of Melbourne through Ogilvy Melbourne. The ad was created to promote the bank’s new initiative encouraging young savers, which gives kids the opportunity to sponsor a real Phillip Island Little Penguin. The ad hit cinema screens on Boxing Day, so Victorians – keep an eye out!

Jan 9 / Paul Paul

Breeder for TEDxSouthBankWomen

The super talented Breeder team really know how to impress and audience !

Shown during her first Tedtalk late last year and narrated by her mum, Joyce Ho directed this creative rendition of the story of Hong Kong’s 1997 Handover.

Dec 18 / Phil

Be a Man: David Blumenstein shows us how

David Blumenstein has just released the first episode of his animated series Be A Man.

There are eight more animated shorts in the pipeline addressing important Aussie, blokey issues such as sitting down to pee, avoiding going to the doctor and what to look for in a pub burger.

Association is a satire about levels of police corruption in Victoria, but its message is so clear it wouldn’t surprise me if police forces around the country actually start using it in their training.

Blumenstein is no stranger to throwing bricks and causing controversy. Andrew Bolt recently took offence at his award-winning cartoon that mocked the right-wing blogger.

As to his motivation to release his series online:

“There has never been an adult animated series about Australian things. Think about that. I’m just sick of pitching and want to make something, regardless of the final distribution platform.” — David Blumenstein

If you haven’t already seen Blumenstein’s thoughts on the pitching process, check it out – it’s worth a read.

To see more of David’s work, you can visit the Nakedfella website.