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FATHER by Sebastian Danta

“Father” is an autobiographical short film by Sebastian Danta who portrays himself as a young boy struggling to understand his ‘strange, silent’ father (Dr Gytis Danta from Canberra), who arrived in Australia as a refugee from Lithuania. The hand-drawn film tells an acutely personal and ultimately loving story about the filmmaker’s dad.

The world premiere of “Father” took place in Zagreb, Croatia, on June 2008 and it has since been shown at numerous film festivals around the world, including Sydney’s Flickerfest. It has already won prizes such as the “Best Animation” at the 2008 Enhance TV ATOM Awards.

Jonathan Nix and Miles Nicholas worked on the rich musical score which provides additional emotional tones to the film. Nix (who we will be interviewing soon) is also a director and animator, who studied together with Danta at RMIT‘s AIM Centre in 2002.

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  1. Aras Gasiunas / May 25 2016

    Well done

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